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ANAND HOSPITAL started in 1983 at Vadodara, Gujarat , India is offering comprehensive, complete, dedicated and cost effective services in the field of internal medicine with a smile and human touch.
At ANAND HOSPITAL , more than 7,00,000 patients are treated as outdoor and more than 1,20,000 patients are treated as indoor cases in last 34+ years.
“We believe that quality should not cost you heaven! ”
Our ultimate vision is to make quality services in health care at affordable prices.

best diabetes care hospital in Vadodara, Gujarat, India

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Heart disease including heart attack (AC MI)
Lipid disorders

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India is the epicenter of diabetes, hypertension and heart problems. To give specialized attention we have formed, Speciality clinics for above diseases at ANAND HOSPITAL(Advanced diabetes center) with special emphasis on early diagnosis, effective treatment and prevention aspects.

We specialize in Diabetes

Management of your Diabetes

Even though there are different types of diabetes, the primary focus of any diabetes treatment is to bring the blood sugar level close to the normal range using a combination of interventions addressing:

  • Lifestyle – diet and exercise
  • Medication
  • Self-monitoring of glucose

Overall, achieving and maintaining a normal sugar level will help a diabetic not only prevent short term undesirable symptoms of diabetes but also reduce the risk for chronic complications of the eye, kidney, nerve and foot.

Best diabetes care hospital in Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Gestational Diabetes Treatment

Gestational diabetes in a majority of cases could be successfully managed by regular physical activity and following the nutritional recommendations as suggested by the doctor. Some women may require medication management for effective blood sugar control.

About Dr Shailesh Trivedi

Dr Shailesh Trivedi is M.D. (General Medicine) | M.Sc. (PGD; Diabetes),South Wales , UK | D.D.M (Diabetes) , Medvarsity | .G.D.D.M. (Diabetes) , Middlesex , UK.  He devoted himself entirely to his profession and has always worked to expand accessibility to medical care, health care facilities and essential medicine to people and Anand Hospital has been an endeavor in the direct affordable health care center in Vadodara.

His humanitarian actions in the field of medicine has provided relief and alleviated plan in numerous patients across the Vadodara city Via platform of Multi-purpose clinic and as strived to create awareness among people regarding various illness and preventive care of diabetes Mallitus . He is specialized in Diabetes and have great passion towards it. ( best diabetes care hospital in Vadodara, Gujarat, India)

Why us? Why are we different?

  • 1.5 Lakhs customers
  • 34+ years of experience
  • Patient from 3rd generation
  • Long tradition of holistic approach with human
    touch in the management of diabetes management
  • State Of Art Ultra modern In-house laboratory services
  • The first and only kind of its kind in giving
    comprehensive care of diabetes mellitus

In-house Facilities

  • Pathology
  • Cardio-vascular health Assessment
  • Diabetic Complications Clinic
  • Diabetic Retinopathy assessment
  • Nutrition / Diet Clinic

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  • Once my child had sudden stomach ache and I called Doctor over phone. Dr Shailesh Trivedi took my daughter in emergency and checked her and took very nominal charge, Doctor is very friendly and helpful. unlike other doctors.
    Vishal pandey Customer
  • I have visited multiple doctors for my diabetes, but no one gave me such difference and relief as Dr Trivedi. I am happy with Care that Anand hospital Provides
    Sudhir Panchal Awesome Customer
  • I know Dr Shailesh Trivedi for more than 10 years and according to my experience I can surely recommend all to go and visit Anand hospital once. Dr Trivedi will become one stop solution for your issues
    Jignesh Patel Customer