We constantly invest in high-end equipment

ANAND HOSPITAL started in 1983 at Vadodara, Gujarat , India is offering comprehensive, complete, dedicated and cost effective services in the field of internal medicine with a smile and human touch.
PROMOTERS :ANAND HOSPITAL is promoted by: Dr. Shailesh Trivedi M.D. (General Medicine) | M.Sc. (PGD; Diabetes),South Wales , UK | D.D.M (Diabetes) , Medvarsity | P.G.D.D.M. (Diabetes) , Middlesex , UK

Dr. Renu Trivedi (M.B.B.S.) : (Medical Director)OUR TEAM : Dr. Shailesh Trivedi M.D. (General Medicine) | M.Sc. (PGD; Diabetes),South Wales , UK | D.D.M (Diabetes) , Medvarsity | P.G.D.D.M. (Diabetes) , Middlesex , UK


Dr. Renu Trivedi (M.B.B.S.) : Medical Director Dr. Kaushik Patel, M.D. (Path & Bact.)


At ANAND HOSPITAL , more than 7,00,000 patients are treated as outdoor and more than 1,20,000 patients are treated as indoor cases in last 30 years.

Dr. Shailesh Trivedi M.D., a senior physician has special interest in the field of diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, lungs disorders, lipid disorders and obesity.

“We believe that quality should not cost you heaven ! ”

Our ultimate vision is to make quality services in health care at affordable prices.

To create “ Healthy life, Healthy future ” for the society.


Psudoscan(USFDA approved):- Assess the nerve functions involved at the early stage and effective management

Retinal scan :- As per ADA guidelines diabetes patient need to undergo every year , a complete eye checkup which is available at our advanced diabetes center

Automated BMI(Body Mass Index) Machine to know whether one is normal weight/ Overweight/Obese

Body’s internal fat distribution Pattern which helps the person to modify the diet/exercise and lifestyle modification. This facility is available at our advanced diabetes center .

Qualified dietitian service helps the patient planning his/her daily diet chart leading to consumption of calories as per your test our dietitian would offer you the different menu.

To know the structural bio mechanical abnormalities of the foot, foot scan (France Made) facilities available .Service of qualified dentist is a part of routine evaluation at our center.

For awareness of people at large we are on social media, our application is available on android store- Diabetes Pearls 8 is available on play store(For free) We are also reachable on our FB Page.

We also give Discount on selected medicines from Shree Rang medical store ranging from 10{cde334cbb5ec6391bc5da0a6996175c74357f6eb07a45752ed12774563ce06aa} to 30{cde334cbb5ec6391bc5da0a6996175c74357f6eb07a45752ed12774563ce06aa} including discount on insulin preparation at a discounted price for you.

Estimation of glucose by glucometer is available at Shree Rang medical store. You can visit an buy Glucometer and control and track your sugar through it.

In-house treatment for all types of patient is done with us. Quality at its best is our habit and we also are cost effective in the patient management. We also know that quality should not cost you heaven. so, we are affordable and available ? and with precision , our approach is holistic

In-house x-ray facilities, sonography, echocardiography and 2d echo cardiography and Doppler study by qualified radiologist and cardiologist available here.